GPS Tracking; Vehicle Tracking. GPS Tracker for carIs my vehicle qualified to support the DashBoks™ device?
Any vehicle manufactured after 1996 has an OBDll port. Please contact us if you have trouble verifying compatibility.

Where is my OBDII port?
Located within 3 feet of the steering column under the dash. This port is easily visible in most vehicles.

I didn’t write down my promo code for referring friends – how can I find it?
Your personal promo code is found on your “myDashBoks” page in the Affiliate Area.  If you have any trouble finding it, just contact our call center for additional assistance.

I have multiple teens, each with their own car. Is there a way to share DashBoks™ devices between these vehicles?
DashBoks™ OBD devices can be easily moved from one vehicle to another but can only gps track the vehicle in which it is installed.

Do I need a service plan for each DashBoks™ device?
Yes. Each unit needs its own one-year or two-year contract for vehicle tracking. The two-year plan is our best value.

When does my service plan and device go active?
Your service plan is activated when your unit ships.  DashBoks™ almost always ships your unit the day you order it (5-day ground or overnight).  If you order after hours, it will ship the next business day.  However, you MUST activate your device upon receipt by logging in to your DashBoks™ account and entering the 10-digit ESN # from the label on your device.  Then, when you install the device in your vehicle, your device and service account will be fully activated. 

How long do I need to wait to access my login account once my device is plugged in?
Make sure the vehicle is outside and free from any obstructions when you plug the DashBoks device into the OBD port . You should see your vehicle on the map within 15-30  minutes, but just like cell phone drop calls, the DashBoks operations can be effected by both natural and man-made obstacles such as mountains, tunnels, and parking garages just to name a few. If the cellular coverage is temporarily lost, the device will hold the information until the next time it can successfully connect to a cell radio site. A short drive around the block typically resolves any connection problems the device may experience.

How can I receive alerts from my device?
You can receive alerts via e-mail or text on your cell phone.  You can also login to your DashBoks™ account and see the alerts.

Can I receive insurance discounts for using the DashBoks™ solution?
Many insurance companies offer some type of discount for safe-driving and anti-theft devices.  Contact your insurance company for details about current discounts.

How accurate is the location feature for my DashBoks™ device?
Our solution gives location accuracy to within 3 meters or about 10ft with optimal satellite views.

How long is my vehicle information stored?
We store up to 6 months of vehicle information on our servers. However, you can always download and save your information on your computer and keep it forever.

Does my DashBoks™ device report location when the ignition is off?
Yes. We report the vehicles location once per hour when the vehicle is off.  We also have a 24 hour “heartbeat” feature that allows us to verify that your unit is working.

I have a Hybrid vehicle – can I still use DashBoks™ devices?
Yes. Hybrid vehicles are compatible with our device.

Is there a battery in my DashBoks™ device?
All DashBoks™ devices get power from the vehicle’s battery.