GPS Tracker for carLocation – See where your vehicle is at any given time with a “directional  trail” that shows where the vehicle has been, time stamps for selected location, and current location.

Speed – Get alerts when your vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit on any area of highway. You can also set a maximum speed that you want to be notified whenever your vehicle exceeds.  This is an excellent way to monitor driving speed and ensure safety.

Geofence – Get alerts when your vehicle exits or enters a geographical area specified by you.

All of the information generated for any device is stored in our database for up to 6 months.

Once you receive your device, write down the 10-digit ESN# found on the label.  Then, simply plug it in to your OBD port as described below.  Then login to your account to activate the tracking device by entering the 10-digit ESN# from the label. Speed thresholds and geographical areas can then be easily set up for your device while logged in to our secure web portal.  Once set up, anytime your vehicle exceeds posted speed and your set speed limit or exits/enters your specified geographical area, you will receive a text or email alert.

DashBoks™ is also

Easy to Install:

DashBoks™ – Simply plug into the OBD Port under the driver’s side dash of your vehicle.

Easy to Use:

Once installed and activated, simply login to our secure web portal, set up your desired configurations and you are done.

Video Demonstrations:

Activating DashBoks

Setting up a Geofence

Viewing Route Times

Vehicle Tracking – Viewing Past Trips 



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